Monday, February 3, 2014

Intern Testimony

From arrival to departure (about 5 weeks), I can honestly say I had a life changing experience with Viva Nicaragua.  Living with Nubia and her family was great - her cooking was somewhat tailored to what I preferred and she was very conscious of feeding me correctly when I got sick.  Speaking of getting sick - I couldn't have asked for more help: was driven to a private practice, all my supplies were picked up for me, dropped back off at home, and Nubia was very caring as I slowly got better.   
The travel to and from work wasn't the easiest, but I think that was the most authentic part of everything - riding the bus everyday with the locals. 
Spanish classes were great with Rafa and I enjoyed meeting a couple of his students who were working on their English.  He really helped me get through some of the work I was doing - although a lot of the info was confusing with the technical terminology.  He took me to a couple of baseball games and that is an experience I'll never forget.
Granada is a great little city/big town? and I had such a good time.  I traveled almost every weekend, but the couple of weekends I stayed around I loved wandering around the city.  There isn't a ton of stuff to do, but just enough where you can have fun and the area is not flooded with tourists and I sort of expected.  Just enough expats where you can get some American-style food if need be although.
Carrie was great and she definitely pushed me to learn Spanish and to branch out - handle things on my own.  Perfect combination of guidance (when necessary) and freedom to really do everything on my own and learn from it.

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