Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gap Year Students

Gap Years are an incredible way to gain experience after high school, prepare yourself to be on your own, and to what you want to study.  Every year we host dozens of Gap Year students - who stay anywhere from a semester to a year.

Currently, we have two Gap Year students, Xena and Richard.  Xena has studied theater since she was six and is teaching these skills to children in two kid's clubs and one public school.  Richard, with his heart in math and programming, is following his other interest - the environment and conservation and is working in a wildlife rehabilitation center in the National Zoo.  Both are doing incredible jobs and learning a lot!

In addition, when not busy at work, they are studying Spanish and participating in lectures, recreational and cultural activities.  It has been an incredible semester so far and we are looking forward to learning about and exploring more of this incredible country!

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